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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dinner with BFF + Phone Servicing ):

You must be thinking that I must be mad, blogging at this point of time! Yes! I'm mad, I'm having this POST-RECITAL-DOWN-SYNDROME! I can't really get used to sleeping before 12mn already. I just wanna recital to repeat itself over & over again! :\

Anyway, I've called for Samsung to pick up my beloved Samsung Galazy S2 for 2nd time servicing. If there's going to be a third time, I shall complain to them & demand a one-for-one exchange! IDC! Servicing will take about 1 week plus this is the second time I sent for servicing already, so I've been not using my phone for 2 weeks already! It's very irritating can?! Buy smartphone, use for 5 months, service for 2 weeks. Asked the technician if I could exchange for a new phone if problem still exist, and she said Samsung will take note of the problem. WTS?! Just take note? That's how you treat your customers? No compensation or anything? Seriously, they should operate how Apple does. Is it so difficult to just exchange for a new phone? Disappointing. :\

To brighten things abit, I met up with BFF for a dinner date (: It's been so long since we last met! So sorry cause I'm always the one who is not free, but try to uds alright? :D
We had our dinner at this A-ONE CLAYPOT HOUSE at Bukit Panjang Plaza. It's a newly opened restaurant that sells claypot food! We ordered Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Rice and Stir Fried Eggs with Cai Por!

Taste not bad! Serving size: 2 pax! ($9.90)

Very Salty! Must be eaten with PLAIN rice! ($6.90)

Why Tou Pai Wo?!
Oh ya! And remember, if you're going there to have lunch/dinner, diedie must eat the peanuts and use the wet tissue that they give you, cause it's NOT FOR FREE! I can still remember peanuts are charged at $1.50 whereas the two wet tissues are charged at $0.30 each!

Oh! Gina recommend Zhen and then Zhen told me that there's this contact lens solution that is sold LESS THAN $3!

I saw Optical shops having this in their bathroom for customers to quick change their contact lens! And if you really want to buy this for less than $2, then you might have to buy it from optical shops instead of Watsons or Guardian (: Good Bargain!

That's it for today! I need my sleep now (: Energy's up for Thursday cause there's GRRL POWER CLASS! :D

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