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Friday, June 1, 2012

Yuting's "Only One" Performance at SOTA

Happy post first (:

I would like to congratulate my fellow dancemate here, Keryn aka GekTheng! All the hardwork had paid off! Very happy to hear that you joined Frontier Danceland and went overseas to perform for the company! Great accomplishments! (:
Gonna spam pictures already cause I'm not in the mood to write much for today (sorry :x)

Dinner with Adrian before the performance starts!

We ordered Choco Mint MilkTea + Generous amount of mini pearls! <3

My latest camwhore photo. No more of this until I get my face to recover :'(

Having fun outside the theatre!

Posing time!

Quick Shot of the 2nd half of the show!

Dialogue session with the choreographers & music editor!

Yuting's Graduation Photos! :p

Current D3 members!

Alright, now for the sad news. As I've been very itchy-minded these few months and stupidly tried on several facial cleansers from well-known brands like Artisry, Clinique, Eucerin, & now, my face is ruined. Even if I use back my previous cleanser, it's like no use anymore. My face has large amount of outbreaks and I can see that pimples scar ain't going away at all. I've to use makeup to cover up the flaws and when I don't wear makeup at all, I feel inferior, totally no confidence at all. As you can see, there's lesser of my camwhore nowadays b'cause I'm hideous. Everytime when I look in the mirror, I'll definitely teared. I looked back at my old photos and saw how flawless (or not as hideous as now) my cheeks were, how confident I was when I was taking pictures for myself.
Today, when i was queuing up for food with Christine, I literally covered my face with my wallet and always avoid eye contact with everybody else. I have no confidence at all. I'll always look down on the floor or cover my face with my hair when I'm not with makeup.
I've ruined my face b'cause I want to try something new, b'cause 我嫌钱多,我爱美,我不怕死. But now, I'm depressed. I just don't feel like stepping out of the house anymore. I hate my looks, I hate everything about me.
Should I revert back to my previous routine? Go back to the same facial centre, use back the same cleanser and spend more money to find back my confidence? Will all these be worthwhile? 2 more months & it will be my 21st birthday. I don't want to be hideous on my birthday. I don't want to be ugly and fat.

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