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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day+Recital+Develyn

First of all, I have to apologise to readers who stick around my blogs. ): I have no choice but to delete my old blog & create a new one cause the layout is freaking me out! I just can't delete the double Blog Post on the Layout Setting! Changed to a new blog, new url, new beginning. Now, I'm the mother of this blog! (:
Wish me Happy Mother's Day then! And also, wishing all Mummys out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (:
Met up with Adrian to walk around the night market and BPP and bought my mum a packet of HEART-SHAPED bah kwa but sadly, they said that the heart-shaped ones are sold out ): Sorry Mummy, but I still bought it out of sincerity right? (:


DEVELYN launched their 3rd Collection on 4th May! 
Checkout the lovely clothings!



I am so honoured to be a part of this recital and to be in Zee's item! Girls Hiphop has always been what I've wanted to dance in & now I'm performing for this recital! :D
Thanks Zee, thanks a million for making it happen. Words can't describe how I love the choreography & how I adore you as an instructor! You're the funkiest teacher I've ever met! Also I've found my role models: Siew Ying, Angelene, Daphne, Charla, Zee, Nicholas & Elaine (ps, she's only 21,same as me !!!)  I will try my hardest to dance & express the steps through music. Thanks many many! <3
To Sandy, I kinda persuaded you to sign up Grrl Power with me & together, we danced, perspired, performed & laughed. All these have been missing out from my life since the day I graduated from NP, & now it's back. I'm going to enjoy the every bits of laughter, aches & dances from now on. To perform with no regrets, just fulfillment - Sandy, thanks for teaching me this. <3
To all the Grrl Power babes, it's been an enjoyment to share the stage with all of you, feeding on each other's energy, always filled the atmosphere with booming power! (: I fear that I'm going to miss all of you many many. If there's any chance again, let's meet again on next year's recital! <3

Meanwhile, I will be posting all the photos that we took in the dressing rooms; all the fun & stressful moments that we had. (:

Acces Card (:
I remembered how hype up when I first stepped into the dressing room!

The Burlesque bulbs with mirror!! 

Sandy dearie (:

Dawn, the sexy babe ;)

Say hello to Faith (:

SooBi (:

Or left side better?
Right side better?

Front the best xp

Deborah (: 

Camwhore Failed xp

Love this shot!

Camwhore with FengYi and Sandy!


Cheryl (:

I read this over & over again before & after the performance <3 

Chilling out after the performance!

Jacqueline (:

My beloved hairstylist for the night, Sharon! 

Looks like poster shot when you minus the black woman on your left. :p

Playing with Ballet Pose!

Stretch ahhhh!

Pink Rose from Adrian <3

Thanks for sending me home after supper (:

Conclusion for the night:

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