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Monday, November 16, 2015

Metrics of Human Relations

Here I am, blogging about human relations instead of completing my assignment that is due this Friday. Oh well, life sucks when you kinda figure out that not everyone you met is genuine enough to give your all.

Remembered a year ago, I was devastated on how I was being treated or how I felt when people I love doesn't reciprocate my intentions. I made a big fuss about it and a year later, I gave up. Not because I gave up on treating people in a genuine manner, but I gave up expecting the same from others.

I became aware of how people treat each other (not only me) and standing by observing how human relations work is truly inspiring. It's not the kind of inspired to be the same as those humans, but inspired to stay away from some individuals.

I love to observe and that explains why I seldom strike conversations with beings. I love to see how people interact with each other, their body language that speaks thousands of words. People watching has become one of my hobbies and it does not mean that I don't like to interact with human. It simply means that I love to observe who's genuine enough for me to open my heart to them. (:

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