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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ugly Truth

What's friendship? Friendship is a mutual affection between 2 or more people. I thought we've a bond in the workplace, the friendship that we've built eversince we met. Yes to my thoughts, the bond is there, but it kinda stays within the workplace itself.

People says that bond formed within the workplace isn't real friendship. I was encountered by a conversation with an acquaintance, asking me who is my friend in the workplace and she emphasized colleagues and real friends. I thought for a while and gave her my answer.

I was quite certain of my answer and my feelings at the moment. And I actually proved my thinking right. People who knew me, knows how to handle me. They will talk sense into me and not just mere talking. I appreciate the efforts my real friends put in me and as usual, I'm not good with words and actions, but I'm eternally grateful. (':

After going through this period of darkness, I've realized that I've to depend on myself to know who my real friends are. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and everyone's level of expectation is different. I don't expect friends to revolve around me, but I need someone who knows what I'm thinking and able to talk sense into me.

What goes around, comes around. I'm lost in this ugly society and hopefully someday, I'm able to find people who could spend time with me without me asking for it.

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