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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 5

Morning! Woke up pretty early to get ourselves ready for a busy schedule ahead! Pardon my "just woke up" face.

 Say hi to beebee on the right! (:

Had our breakfast at 85 Degree Celsius. Ordered Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cream Cake for only NT70! Where to find this kind of cheap cakes you tell me!? Hahah! :D

We took train to Taipei Main Station and took Bus 260 from opposite bus station to 阳明山 (Yang Ming Shan). Took another Bus 108 to go around the mountain.

A very good day for taking photos!

One more selfie on bus! Teehee :D

We first alighted at Nature Park and walked about 1.8km to the park. I guess it rained last night because it was quite slippery and we had to be extra careful while walking.

There were small signboards along the way stating how much more km we need to reach the nature park. I remembered we kept counting down to it. It's like never ending! Wondered how we're able to accomplish our 2.4km run in poly! LOL!

All you see is shagged face! Haha! Probably the hangover coldness from Fisherman's Wharf last night.

Finally, we've reached the place! The scenery is breath-taking, majestic and magnificent. To me, it felt like I'm not on Earth at all. It seems like heaven!! Take a look by yourself!

It's very beautiful right? You can't really have words to describe this scenery at all. Mother Nature, you're the best! Of course, these photos couldn't be the end of what we've just set foot in right? Time for some photo fun!

How not to forget a camwhore with the pretty place?! 
Make me look even prettier! (self-proclaimed) LOL!!!

Xinying choosing which photos to keep.

We saw a lot of people, mostly families, having picnic with their unleashed dogs, and children's laughter filled the air. We lingered on for about an hour before heading back to our next destination. Both of us couldn't bear to leave this place at all :( The air is so much cleaner and the we felt closer to the sky too. This place is definitely one of our highlights in our 7 Days Journey in Taiwan. :')

Took Bus 108 again and reached 小油坑 (Sulphur Mountain). Basically, the whole mountain area is producing sulphur (yellowish in colour) and the smell is very bad here!

Although I almost suffocated in here, but then again, the view is great!

Can finally see my eyeliner! Whoopee! :D

Didn't stay in this place for long and hurried to 冷水坑 (Cold water something?). Remember we only had cakes for breakfast? Haha! By the time we reached there, we dashed off to the visitor's centre to look for food!

After getting our food, we begun our hiking journey to Ji Tian Gang. It's a 2km walk and we had difficulty climbing up and down the stairs. Kept on huffing and puffing along the way! Haha! I guess, we really need to train our stamina when we go back to SG.

We had to cross this hanging bridge to get over to the other side for trekking and this woman is not afraid of heights AT ALL!!

Didn't took out my camera at all when we were hiking. All I could remember was that I became super hyped up when it's climbing up the stairs and Xinying loves to chiong down the stairs! Different motivation here!!

And then, we finally reached the top. The view, priceless, the both of us, restless. Haha! Nevertheless, we still whipped out our phones and camera to take the million dollar shot.

It was 5pm and we we're just in time for the most beautiful sight - the Sun Set.

The sky is in gradient of orange, pink and blue with the sun as orange as runny egg yolk.

Great memories. (:

Scurried down and managed to catch our last bus! It was a very close call! Phew! We were very desperate to rush down to 北投 (Bei Tou) to have our first decent meal of the day - 温泉拉面 (Spring Water Ramen).

Check out the cabin towards 新北投 (New Bei Tou). 
That's real LED TV by the way!

There's also a digital map thingy in the cabin! So cool!!

It wasn't that hard nor easy to find because it's not located within our sight when we came out from the station. But all thanks to Google and various blogs' reviews, we managed to find it (:

Shop front.

The queue was rather long. I felt that the queuing system is somewhat similar to Tim Ho Wan's, just that we have to write our name down beside the Q no. There'll be 2 ladies attending at the shop front - one will call your Q no. and take down your order and the other one will broadcast which Q no. is going to take their seats.

The interior of the restaurant is quite japan-ish. Heard from Gina that during early era, Taiwanese were colonized by Japanese, so that's why Taiwanese nowadays are more towards Japan style than Korean style. Even their makeup and dressing up are inspired by them!

I was pretty amazed by this when we were going to take our seats. A lady asked one of us to send the bell into the kitchen in one shot, if it's successfully reached with a "Ding", we will get 50% off of Fried Tofu that day. Apparently, I'm not strong enough, so no cheap Tofu for the both of us!

Average price of their Ramen is around NT140-NT200. It's considered affordable for Ramen  dishes already.

Their Signature Fried Tofu is really nice! (NT40)
Crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside!

Kimchi Ramen - NT140
Xinying ordered this. She said that she loved this dish and the kimichi is really nice! Got korean feel! :D

Miso Ramen - NT130
Their soup base is not like the ones I had in Ajisen or any other ramen place in SG. It's not heavy/salty and it doesn't leave me feeling thirsty after drinking it. However, I feel that the Char Siew is too tough for us to chew. We can't even separate it into pieces!
Definitely worth a try if you're going for good soup base in Ramen. (:

Initially, we wanted to go to Bei  Tou Public Hot Spring to soak our feet but it's closed by 6pm :( We sort of wasted too much time at Yang Ming Shan, but we definitely don't regret it at all! So, we stuck to our original plan and headed to Shi Lin Night Market! I was looking forward to going there ever since Day 1 of our trip! I've heard many good ravings about the food and shops!

It's just too bad that we came at the wrong season. :( Almost all of their clothings/shoes are sold for winter season. My main intention for shopping in Taiwan was to buy back shoes, but I guess I can only buy shoes when I return to SG bah. Although we don't get to shop for ourselves, we still managed to fill our tummy with yummy food (even though we're still full from Ramen earlier on)!

Fruits stall with wide varieties caught our attention. As we're still full from dinner, we thought of buying fruits to help us digest a little. Had a hard time choosing which fruits we wanted and asked for recommendations in the end. Bought Tomato stuffed with sour plum, strawberry (super sweet!), the red bell shaped fruit (also super sweet!) and some more that I can't remember already!

Next, we went on to search for the Huge Crispy Chicken at Basement Level. Apparently, this is very popular in Taiwan and we're lucky enough that SG does have this shop in Nex too! We ordered the Crispy Version and brought it back to Hostel.

Liping was telling me the other time that her boyfriend loves this very much! I felt that it tasted average only, doesn't really have that 'WOW' factor in it.

Walked past this and found it very cute and interesting, so we bought it and tried it out. 
I guessed it tasted average also?

This caught our eyes too. It looks like ice-cream but tasted like jelly! We ordered the Yakult flavour and it tasted good! If only it's colder than the weather, then it would be perfect! (:

I was queuing for 50 Lan (KOI for SG's version) and saw this just beside it. Had sudden craving for Hotdog, so we ordered the Black Pepper one. Turns out, I really like it! It's Hotdog wrapped in bread and they fried it upon request. The bread was crispy, not hard at all and the Hotdog is superb!

We were getting worn out already, so we headed back right after buying the Hotdog. Found that our room was unlocked and the TV was switched on. We were shocked and dumbfounded. Xinying was fuming mad while contacting the receptionist. He came up and explained the situation to us but the damage was already done. I even found out that the bottom of my luggage got torn. :( We really hoped that they could do something about it on the next day. Totally not a good experience for us.

Nevertheless, we still got our laundry done and heated our food for supper. We had a pretty long day so we headed to bed rather quickly that night. Thinking back, it's really lucky that we didn't leave our passport in the room, else if it's missing, we will really scream father and mother already! Haha! Too much of broken English here :p 

We still have a day left in Taiwan and we're going to spend it in Taipei Zoo and also pay Gina a visit. (: Stay tuned alright!

With love,

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