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Friday, February 7, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 4

Hello everybody! My bad for delaying these posts for so long! I'm left with 2 days more and I'm done with Taiwan Posts. Reviewing the photos make me miss Taiwan even more!

Today I don't feel like doing anything~ Yup, Day 4 was the slackest and laziest day for us. We've decided to do our hair and meet up with Xinying's friend for the day. No packed schedule, except that it's a must to visit Fisherman Wharf, so we got up late that morning and had brunch in a stall that's just one street across our hostel.


The environment is like hawker-style but it's like the mini kind. We decided to have brunch, so each of us ordered just a set and it comes with milk tea too!

幸福套餐 (Bliss Set) - NT80
Consists of French Toast, 2 Mini Sausages and salad sides.
Of course it can't be compared with Wild Honey, but it's pretty decent for this pricing. The only downside is that the sausages are way too "mini“.

法式套餐 (French Set) - NT70
Garlic Toast, Hashbrown, Bacon, Omelette and salad sides.
Pretty decent too, but it would be better if it's scrambled eggs.

Strolled over to the central of Xi Men Ding and aimlessly looked for a decent salon. Many of their salons there are 3 to 4 storey high! We don't want to waste time looking for salon, so Xinying phoned her friend and asked for recommendations. Apparently, the shop that she mentioned is highly raved on the net too!

Took their lift up and was immediately greeted by their staffs. I guess it's still considered early for the Taiwanese because I don't see a lot of patrons inside. Based on our hair length, we were quoted NT1800 for Haircut and Hairdye. It's considered reasonable and both of us were brought to different levels to our stylist. My stylist for the day is Eva. When she passed her name card to me, I was surprised. She actually attended Toni & Guy Academy in Singapore! At least she's Singapore-certified, so I believe that my hair will be in good hands. She recommended a top-up of NT500 for treatment and I calculated a total of NT2300 for overall charges, found it very reasonable, so I took her offer.

Eva started to ask about how I would want my hair colour to be and how my hair should be cut and because I do not have any preferences, so I let her decide for me. She chose the hair dye color and also show me how she will shape and cut my hair. She's very professional and pretty too!

Have I mention that their service is superb?! They even provide ear muffs and wrapped my neck area with thick cloth to prevent the dye from dripping on my skin. They separated the hair dye process into 2 parts - firstly, they spread the dye only on the scalp area and wrapped it with 保鲜膜 (thin plastic sheet) and placed a heater ball kind of thing over the head; after few minutes, they removed the wrapper and spread another layer of dye on the lower parts of the hair, put the wrapper back on and heat it again for about 10-15mins.

Once the hairdye process is completed, another lady brought me to the washing area to wash it off. The massaging is very good and it's very thorough, not like SG's salon where they only massage and wash it off after 2-3 times.

Eva recommended "Dampson Red" to suit my skin colour. At first, I found it weird because my SG stylist says I don't suit red. Hmmm, shall see how it turns out then. After washing, it's time to steam my hair for 10mins. She said that it helps the colour to stay longer. She even provided tissue because I might perspire while steaming. See! There's nothing I can pick on! (: Bright glossy red under the light! Love it very much! Downside is that I can't wash my hair for 2 days :( It's going to be the most dreadful thing that I've ever heard there, but still, love the service, haircolor and my pretty stylist, Eva!

Street Performance by this handsome young man infront of Xi Men Station! He knows locking, popping and he's really entertaining!

Lao Fu Zi act one shy!

Afterwards, we went over to Taipei Main Station to meet Gina. She's a Taiwanese whom Xinying has met in her university. She brought us around 淡水 (Dam Shui) and we went over to 老街 (Lao Jie).

Entrance of 老街

We turned to the side where it faces the sea. It was quiet and kind of empty though. It was very windy but I like the atmosphere there. Very peaceful. A good place to think through stuff and let your mind go wild.

Gina brought us to a famous stall in Dam Shui. It's kind of like a must-have in 淡水老街 (Dam Shui Lao Jie).

Ah Gei - NT35
Not to my liking. The soup tasted like diluted Yong Tau Foo's Sweet Sauce. It's like Tau Pok stuffed with Dong Fen.

Fishball Soup - NT35
I like their fishball soup though. Their fishball is Fu Zhou Fishball - those will pork stuffed in it.

We were supposed to ride the ferry but it's somehow suspended. :( Bad timing I guess? We then strolled over to another night market on the other side of the street. We named it the 新街 (New Street). (:

I saw the stall that my colleague recommended. She said that the chicken is very delicious. Shall try it for myself!

Chicken Nuggets
This is really very delicious! It's crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside!

Squid Tempura
At first we thought it's the real squid inside, but Gina told us they actually used squid powder to make the tempura. Given by the colour, it's very unique and the taste is good too!

Fried Durian
It doesn't taste like durian at all. Don't buy!!

Spotted this weird gallery on our right while swallowing the nasty Fried Durian. It has those weird animal stuffs inside. Heard from Xinying and Gina that there's really nothing much inside, so we didn't go in.

Able to guess what this is?
It's Elephant's Penis! HAHA!!

Fried Cuttlefish
Finally we've got to satisfy our cravings since yesterday! It was a tad cheaper than the ones in 十份 (Shi Fen). Saw how big their cuttlefish is?! It's not as fantastic as I could remember but definitely worth a try!

Taiwan Guava
Such a pretty pink colour for the flesh of guava!
We ordered Guava Juice and it tasted naturally sweet already!

After walking the New Street, we went back to Dam Shui Station's bus interchange and took Red26 渔人码头 (Fisherman's Wharf). The bus only left 3 of us when we reached there. It's was superbly cold that night. The wind was very strong and it even blew up my sling bag! It was hard walking up, not to mention about taking good photographs.

The scenery is breathtaking. I can feel a surge of happiness surrounded me. It's no wonder people say that the night view of Fisherman's Wharf will take your breath away.

Despite the strong wind, we ran back up the bridge, just like how superheros did, with wind animations on their back! Hah! Our hair was super messy by then. There goes our pretty hair freshly styled from the salon. :( Saw huge amount of stars in the nightsky and a scene flashed across my mind. Remained quiet while travelling back to Xi Men and felt bad for Gina :( She even bought pastries as a gift for us :') Thank you, Gina!

Stopped by 7-11 while on our way back to buy cup noodles & Banana Milk. Stomach was grumbling 'cuz we did not have much food in Dam Shui. Brought our cup noodles and our dirty clothes up to 6th storey of the hostel. Dumped clothes in and prepared our noodles. A bunch of hongkong-rians came up and we stroked up a conversation with them. Apparently they stayed opposite our room and had just reached Taiwan that night. We treated this hostel as if it's our home already, welcoming guests and etc. Went back to our room and chilled awhile before I KO-ed after having cup noodles. Was very worn out, so Xinying helped to collect our washed clothes. Thank you, Xinying! Love you much much!

It's going to be a very long day tomorrow because we're visiting 阳明山,士林夜市 and 台北动物园. (Mountain of Yang Ming, Shi Lin Night Market and Taipei Zoo). Till then!

With love,

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