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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's your new year resolution?

It's going to be YR 2014 soon! Are you excited?! :D

Time's like this, I'll spend time infront of my laptop (seriously no life) and think through about all the events that happened this year.

YR 2013 has been good to me so far, besides that I'm happily single and realized how society works, it offers me to a lot of dance exposures, such as participating in not only one, but TWO recitals and a dance concept video! (: And thanks to Recognize Recital, I got to experience what clubbing is like and kind of like the hype-ness & tipsy feel :P
Got to know what brunch is about and simply fall in love with the delicacies! Joined a new company, Vital, and met so many friendly and great colleagues there! Never knew work life can be that fun right? (:
It also marks the end of my Private Diploma course and I'm still waiting for the results to be released, hopefully I can pass all of the modules *cross-fingers* No more studying for the time being lo!
It's also my first time, being so impromptu with Xinying to travel to Taiwan in Jan 2014. Though the planning of itinerary is quite tedious, but we did have lots of fun planning right? ;)
Oh! I've had an awesome Xmas this year, had plenty of gatherings and exchanging of presents! These are the first time for me to prepare and exchange gifts with friends (:

That sums up my YR 2013, not too happening but definitely worth remembering for ages. :')

I've actually made a list of the things that I've learnt in YR 2013, probably some of those will be applicable to you too:
  •          Crazy month from Oct – Dec: Did a lot of foolish things, but will never regret it
  •          Learn to let things go and became more patient towards people and surroundings.
  •          Never give your heart to someone who is not going to guard it well, therefore, I’m afraid to fall in love again.
  •          I’ve serious trust issues – don’t try your luck.
  •          Made a couple of good friends through Recognize Recital and still keeping in contact – LOVE THEM A LOT!
  •          Those who matters don’t mind and those who mind doesn’t matter – this saying includes those who heck care too.
  • Never be too available for someone who will be busy for themselves.

Well, some people might want to stick to their old self, probably they thought they're in their best form already, but for me, I still wanted to change for a better Josie in YR 2014:
  •          Wanna keep my Courage, because this makes me do things that I’ve never did before and will not regret thereafter.
  •          Wanna keep my dancing style as per now, because I’m loving it (:
  •          Wanna change my sensitivity and think too much mindset, because it suffocates my friends and even myself.
  •          Wanna change my temper, stress and expectation management, because these are the no.1 killer that breaks my social circle.
  •          Wanna change my appearance, because muscles are friends and fats are enemy, beautiful skin brings confidence and pimples destroy it.
  •          Wanna change my education levels to Degree holder and be an undergrad :D

Have anyone of you make your new year resolution yet? Anything you want to achieve or own or change in YR 2014? Hurry write it down and plan it to realize your dreams! Always keep track of what you want so by the end of the year, you will come to realize that you've actually achieve so much more than you thought of! My new year resolution will be pinned to the sidebar (as usual) and will be strike off as soon as I achieved them! :D


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