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Monday, June 10, 2013

[Self-Review] : Nail Indulgence De Beau

Hi everybody! How's your weekend? Having too much fun and dreaded to come for work on a Monday morning? Hah! Anyway, as you can see from my title, I'm going to share with you on my Gelish Manicure experience with Nail Indulgence De Beau.

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Nail Indulgence De Beau is located conveniently at Liang Seah Street (right behind Bugis Junction if you exit by MOS Burger exit). You have to walk up the stairs and then turn to your right corner for the manicure shop. It's not a very big place but it's cozy enough to make yourself at home.

The manicurist who attended to me is a Malaysian, slightly plump and with a long hair. She's very friendly and nice even though I told her that I bought the Gelish Manicure deal from Groupon. Well, in my opinion, people who knew you bought deals to use their services aren't very friendly to you cuz the deals are cheap & they can't earn much. But this lady is really nice and patient with me. (: I bought the deal at $26 - inclusive of Gelish Classic Manicure + Glitter/French tip + FREE return soak off. It's really an affordable deal with Glitter tip and not to mention, they do Classics too!

I was pretty curious about every thing that she did to my nails so I keep on asking questions :P She wasn't irritated at all, and answered every questions that I asked. Great customer service that she had there! Although after the manicure service, she did try to persuade me to buy their Gelish package, but she wasn't pushy at all. Once I said no, she didn't ask again and still served me with a smile (:

The way she did Classics were great. She was great at shaping and buffing my nails and did a very clean job on removing the dead skins too. I chose Glitter Tip over French Tip cuz she mentioned that when the tips are grown over our nail tip, it will be unsightly, so I heeded her advice. She chose the right shade of purple for my skin colour and it suits me well! (: The only thing that I think that she may need to improve on is her color gradient. The purple gradient wasn't really visible and I could somehow see a straight line instead of transparent to light purple to dark purple kinda gradient on my nails. Other than that, she was great :D

I was running late for class that night and rushed down almost the last drying part was done. That explains why I didn't take any shots of the shop/location at all. My bad. I'll remember next time alright? (:

Gelish Manicure would be great for me cuz I won't have time to go down every week to get my nails done and it dried instantly so I don't have to worry about running through all my barangs barangs in my bag to source for my phone. Let's see how long it will last on my nails bah! (:
I can be very chor lor (rough) sometimes! :P

- You may wish to check out their Facebook page & ILOVEBUNNY.NET reviews for more information.-
- I've actually linked up their website somewhere in the post! Do check it out yeah? -

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