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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Genting Trip -Day 2 !!

Bright and sunny to start our day! Planned out a series of event and restaurants that we're gonna visit! 
Mad excited already! (:

Anyway, I wanted to share with you on my loots from SaSa the night before! Looked through the store and chanced upon L'oreal lipstick. How weird is it when it had never caught my eyes in Singapore at all uh? Hah. Tested out with different shades and finally settled down with this! Just nice SaSa was having a 20% discount on this item (: A happy me indeed!

Tried it on my lippy (:

Mentioned in the previous post that we're gonna get up early to buy tix for IRONMAN right!
There it is! 
I remembered jumping up and down after we bought the tickets :D

Afterwards, we went to Maxim Hotel area to grab our breakfast at Restoran Good Friends.
This is a Chinese oriented restaurant which sells DimSum at certain time of the day and at night, it became like a "Din Tai Fung" kinda restaurant.
Unfortunately some dim sums weren't on sale during  weekdays, so if you wish to have the full selection of dimsums, do dropby during the weekends yeah? (:

Adrian was so hungry throughout the whole morning, that explains a gloomy face!
Anyway, he looks cute in his polka dots shirt eh. His father bought for him de!

Interior design.
Very spacious & have those hongkong cafe style.

Yayy! Our food came!
Guess what pau is this? :p

*pulls hair!!*
See that golden creamy salted york oozing out~

Hard to resist it and it's a must order dish if you're going for Dimsum!
Fully filled with mushrooms, one whole prawn and minced meat!
Holy delicious...!

This is a must order for Adrian.
He loves CHAR SIEW PAU (bbq chicken bun) and this's certainly enough to make him salivate! 

This is something that I will order everytime!
Beloved HAR GAO (prawn dumpling)!
See how the thin the skin is? You can totally see a whole prawn in there!

Another round of Chives and Prawn dumplings~ (:

Here's a shot of the menu if you guys are interested.
We went there on a Monday, so only Steamed Dim Sum were available.
Disappointed much, cuz I wana try their Chee Cheong Fun....

Coffee Terrace up next for our lunch buffet! It's just a few distance away from Restoran Good Friends only (: It seems like we're stuffing ourselves with lots of delicious food eh. Aiya, once in a blue moon, so I closed 2 eyes la! Heheh! They only cater buffet but provide wide varieties of food in there!
You won't regret de!

Pricing for buffet are listed below!

Payments had to be made at the counter before entering the "war zone". :P

Interior of the restaurant:
Same thing for here. It's very spacious inside, so you won''t be bumping into others while carrying your filled dish to your table. Lights were well-lit in every corner of the room. Ambience's great too! Suitable for family time (:

So, now's time for me to show you my photography skills already! :p Aiya, I'm just an amateur only. Don't judge me okay! Heheh!
First, showing what type of food they've got there.

Personally love "Local Favourites" !
Food served are more of similar to Singapore, no wonder I love this stall!

Have no idea what's in stall for Nyonya already. Don't think that I ate the food.

What will you think of when you see "Chinese"? I thought of Dim Sum! Haha! Like Dim Sum again?! 
Me love Dim Sum okay? Cannot resist them de, especially SIEW MAI <3 <3 <3

Thought of Fish n' Chips & Chicken Chop only? Nah, they've got more! (:

We both dislike this stall. They don't replenish food fast and the quality was really bad.

Ermm.. Western Asian, sorry ah, not really a fan of you. Food inside the container didn't attract me. :p

Hitting the Salad bar first! Awe in disbelief! All the veges are soooooo fresh! See the colour combinations displayed on their trays? Very nice right? Healthy food can be pretty food too (:

The bread is really nice. Especially when you dipped it in Potato & Leek soup! Daekbak!!!

 Up next is what we both love most: Roasted Chicken Rice!!
This is holy holy madness delicious! We actually went back for second serving but chef says no more :(

Ordered Laksa from the same stall too. It tasted slightly salty but still manageable for me (:
A good dish to try too!!

 Hopped on to the Chinese stall with my Dimsums and veges (:
Maybe cuz of breakfast dimsums, that's why I feel quite neutral for these. But I like the chilli though! Spicy and a little bit of sour at the same time.

Stir fry Dou Miao to balance out all the oily stuff in our stomach (:

 Starchy and a very mini octopus inside, it's even smaller than Singapore's Tako balls. Pathetic. Regretted taking this.

Adrian's pretty satisfied with his meat.

 Time for fruits and desserts!

Already feel so full when you see it le!
All are can see but cannot eat - if you know what I mean. LOL.

 One tourist shot before we moved on to our next event. :p

Have been wanting to go Strawberry Farm ever since we booked the tickets for this Genting! Searched for ways to reach the farm and one is to take a Cable car down via Genting Skyway & take a shuttle car. I've been afraid of heights since forever, but I've just gotta try to take it in Genting cuz it seems fun! Besides, Adrian's with me, there'll be something for me to grab *evil smile*

 Even it's a Monday, there's still alot of tourists here! Madly packed!

Pictures were all taken by Adrian when we're on board. I don't even dare to move an inch at all! :P
Very clear weather on top! And it's so scary when the cable car reach the pillar point! It jittered for awhile and moved on and jittered again. The ride took us about 20 mins to reach the ground level.

Scary face cuz of scary me! 

Finally reached the ground level already! My hands are all soaked in cold sweat. Oh, and we had a difficult time finding the shuttle service, there's no indication anywhere and customer service was of no help at all. We waited at the bus bay and managed to spot a Strawberry car! Me and Adrian were laughing to ourselves and, "luckily we didn't take the wrong bus, it's so obvious can!" LOL. 

 Shuttle services was charged for RM2 per person. And in return, we were given Vouchers to spend in the farm.

Beautiful place indeed. Didn't feel like we're in Malaysia at all!

 Initially we wanted to go for plucking strawberries, but seeing that there's not many strawberries around, so we skipped the idea. Maybe it's not the season or the previous batch of tourists plucked it all :(

 I'm totally immersed in the Lavender Farm!!!!
ps. I'm dressed in purple too! *pure coincidence*

Beautiful purple haven for me! LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful roses along the walkway!

Pretty Purple Morning Glory as my backdrop.
Different gradient, different tone, happy mood (:

Rested my feet at the cute Strawberry Table and Chairs (:

Whistle toy that Adrian bought at RM 2 or 3. The sound really irritates me laa and he played it inside the cable car sia!

Noisy much, but a happy child is reborn (:

Headed back to hotel room to freshen up and prepared ourselves for simple dinner in Genting Plaza. Decided to go for Mary Brown to try their chicken and it sucks. Totally sucks. The chicken parts are very salty, same goes for the fries too! Don't every try that unless you wanna get high cholesterol hor! 

Leisurely walked around the Plaza again, before heading to Casinos at the other Hotel area. We found the one that doesn't allow smokers & hip hip hurray to me! 
Have to accompany my boy in to "see the world". LOL.

Temperature dropped to 18 degrees around midnight and pulled over cardigan all the way.
Took shots with the clouds while taking the escalator up to the Casino area. 

Outfit of the Day:
Dress - Scape Flea Market
Leggins and Pumps - Cotton On
Shoulder bag - Cineleisure Pushcart

Till then,
- xoxo -

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