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Friday, May 17, 2013

Mini updates


Life’s been treating me well so far? Been blessed with lots of love & attention from colleagues and friends. (: 
Though there might be some hiccup during test on Monday, but I’m sure gonna tell myself that having a pass will definitely be sufficient. Trying not to expect too much from an essay-based paper, if not, I will go bonkers!

Had a company event yesterday at Liang Court’s Party World KTV. Free 2 hours singing session with my kakis! :D Did I mention that I was shivering all over when it was my turn to sing? Haha! I guess I’m still an introvert bah! :p Nevertheless, I did have a hell lots of fun, seeing different faces of them when they’re off duties. Also, not forgetting that I need to submit my journal writing after that. ):


Well, I will be quite busy cuz I’ll be having tests today and 2 weeks after, then I’ll be starting my revision for exams in July. That’s not all, after Jitterbugs Recital on 25th May, I’ll be starting rehearsal practice on Tues and Sat night for Recognize! Recital. Busy busy bee mee! Oh! I’ll be going for audition for Oschool and ITM production, with a special friend too! Can’t wait to dance it off and shine! :D

Heading to Swee Choon after class tonight! TGIF everybody!! :D

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