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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 1: Genting Trip with Adrian

Hi guys! I know that I've been owing you all the updates for our Genting Trip! My apologies yeah :p
Well, it's been almost 1 month already, so I'll try to remember what actually happened alright? (:

As mentioned earlier, we bought this Genting Deal from Groupon which cost us around $95? Then we exchanged $200+ for RM500. For less than $300, you could enjoy a 3D2N Genting Trip already! How cheap is that?! Woke up pretty earlier for the bus ride & I slept throughout the journey. Hah! I'm a pig, make fun with all you can!! Waiting time for check-in was average, not too long or too short, but I was quite surprised for the large crowd despite the numerous check-in counters. They should really work faster :p

Great view from our bedroom!

Oh ya, and not forgetting to knock on the doors first before "officially" stepped into the room!
We're both very pang dang!

Bathroom was pretty small and the shower area was even smaller -.-|||

Normal single-size bed and decent walkway around the room
It's First World Hotel, so don't expect too much for their standard bah!

Time to head out after putting down our bags!

First stop: Waffles!

Accidentally found this stall while trying to figure a way out of the Plaza.
The smell was really nice & cravings came already! :p

We got ourselves the Japanese BBQ one!

It's similar to Takoyaki, just that the waffles are replaced by the Takoyaki flour and there' no toppings (octopus, prawn, ham&cheese) inside. Quite a pity though cuz if they were to add toppings, it would taste nicer!

See the huge crowd on a Sunday afternoon? It's super crazy right?!

Before this trip, we did a must-visit restaurants list in Genting and aimed to try all of it.
So firstly, we spotted Shanghai10.

Got to know this Shanghai10 from QiuQiu's blog (:
Ordered some dishes that she recommended and I'm totally not regretting it!

Normal teh to warm up my body.

Adrian went for Ice Lemon Green Tea.

Not forgetting to show you all the interior of the restaurant.
Kinda the same concept as HongKong Restaurant, quite vintage feel and did you spot an "A" for this restaurant too? ;)

Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll
This is quite oily, but it tasted good! Come on, what kind of fried food doesn't taste good right?
*Face Palmed*

Golden Prawn Fried Rice (Recommended by QiuQiu)
This is nice! Abit on the oilier side, but it's really tasty!

Xiao Long Baos
Dish presentation really sucks but the taste is good! The skin wasn't too thick but it's not very juicy inside.
*Worth a try*

Durian Pancake
This is the most horrible desserts that I've eaten in my whole life!
It's not cold at all and it's all cream inside! Super fatty and durian mochi skin is average only.

RM60 for this meal. (& Siew Mai)
Affordable & worth a try (:

Front View of the restaurant.
You may find this on Level 1 of Genting Plaza.


Afterwards, we went to walk around the whole of Genting. Exploring different hotels and found this signboard in one of the atas hotels (:

Time for some ice cream from Baskin Robbins!
Is there a "31" for Singapore Branch's BR or is it only limited to Malaysia branches?
Anyway, the temperature internally (inside enclosed area) wasn't too low, hmmm, probably around rainy season in Singapore? That's why I have the guts to have ice cream! :p

Dark Choco with Macadamia nuts, I guess?

This was taken at the lobby of Maxims Hotel.
See! The temperature was like aircon temperature!
But it's totally different if you step out of the hotel!

Camwhoring at L3 along an empty walkway (:

Walked from one hotel to another and trying to find out where the Casinos were -.-|||
I know right?! Guys ah guys! Always wanted to try out the feel to gamble in the Casinos!
Had no choice but to follow him in the following days, cuz he don't want to leave me alone in Genting.
Found all the restaurants that we researched and headed back to our rooms to rest our feet.

Lazy to walk all the way to another place to have our dinner, so we decided to feast on KFC which was located in the Genting Plaza (directly below our hotel).

KFC got Korea-style~!
So attracted to it *slurps*

Apparently, the KFC there did not sell original flavours at all! They only have the Crispy and Korea versions! Oh oh! & they do have Chicken Rice in the house!!

I can seriously tell you that their Chicken Rice is AWESOME!!!!!!
The rice is really really fragrant and they also offered Thai Chilli sauce to pair with this meal!
KUDOS right?!
*Totally recommended*
(Sounds stupid cuz this is only KFC -.-|||)

My Korea-style Chicken!
Heh Heh~
Actually right, this is the Crispy version with the Korean Sauce spread on top la. Not much different, but it's worth a try! Taste great too!!!

Continued to walk around the Plaza & bought these Panda Ear Jacks from a shop that resembles "Comic Connection" (:
Now we have Couple Panda Ear Jacks!! 

Ended the day at around midnnight cuz we wanted to wake up early on the next morning to try out the restaurants!!! (:

Shall update when I have time again!
Nights everybody!

[credits to Qiuqiu and Beatrice for their reviews]

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