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Monday, April 22, 2013

Voices with Apple Pie

ping @ Voices

Dying to ask why I can get to meet her during office hours right? (: Well yupp! I'm in the same company with this apple pie, just that I'm in Tanjong Pagar branch while she's at Buona Vista branch :D It's been ages since we last met (exclude that alumni dinner date the other time), like just both of us that kinda thing. Hmmm, maybe the last time when we met was at JP's Subway having dinner or when I wanted to buy clothes for work at Bugis Street? Haha! Nevertheless, we've met up during our co's event and were delighted to see each other - (Though she pang seh me again for dinner, but I still love you yeah?)
Time flies very quickly and we were both working (also complaining about work, but that's minimal :p) and pator-ing and contemplating about what our future will look like and what we really wanted to pursue. & friend, always remember I've got your back and lemme know if you need someone to talk to yeah? Don't keep everything to yourself. (: Oh gosh, it's starting to be like a dont-be-emo note liao. Haha! Okay la, we shall keep in touch everyday and meet up for dinner sometime? It's been long since we both had dinner talk together. xoxo

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