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Monday, April 22, 2013

Din Tai Fung - Fam & Adrian

This is my second visit to Din Tai Fung in my entire life! The first time was when Adrian wanted me to try their pork cutlet fried rice. Mum insisted to bring Adrian out to eat cuz of his birthday which is on this coming Sat (& unfortunately, I'm bringing that baby out so she wont get to see him at all).

My parents normally go for Chinese food so I suggested Din Tai Fung (:

DTF is well-known for their Xiao Long Baos and they consists of juicy meat filling wrapped in a melt-in-your-mouth skin with a minimum of 18 exquisite folds! That's so precise right?! You could literally count them with naked eyes! & imo, I prefer DTF's Xiao Long Baos to Crystal Jade's. Find that it doesn't have the porky smell as compared to CJ's and the skin is thinner too!

Pictures ahead!

Dou Miao with Pork Strips & Xiao Long Baos (10 pcs)

Pork Cutlet Fried Rice (** Totally recommended!)
We actually ordered 2 more plates of Egg Fried Rice in case it's not enough for the guys!

Steamed Prawn Dumplings & Fried Prawn Pancake

Bills came up to $80 (est. $16 per pax) and I find it quite reasonable considering the fact that we were all feeling very full!

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-68 Singapore 648331 (+65 6861 1811)


Next up, we're having desserts at Ji De Chi! We could always fill our tummy with desserts even after a heavy meal! (: Yums Yums!

[picture taken from]

A short synopsis from the web:
The first Ji De Chi concept of creating delicious and comforting dessert was conceived from a humble beginning with three partners.
Their passion and quests for great mouth-watering dessert that make perfect ending to a meal brought them north to Hong Kong where they learnt the art of double-boling, consistency check and perfect timing. All these skills were mastered and they brought back with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that culminated into several outlets today serving up hot and cold desserts of great quality.

Here are some of the desserts that we ordered!

Mango Shaved Ice

Matcha Shaved Ice (super duper love their Mochi!!)

Mango wrapped in Cold Chee Cheong Fun
The skin of Chee Cheong Fun is very chewy and it tasted more of like agar agar, just that it doesn't taste sweet when eaten with the mangoes.

Durian Shaved Ice (Durian Puree is extremely nice!)

Currently, when spent above $20 in 記得吃, you get a bowl of house beancurd for free! Beancurd texture is silky smooth and it tasted even smoother than LaoBan! (: You should give it a try!

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-102/103/104  Singapore 648331 (+65 6794 8887)

Shall share with what I wore to work today! My favourite heels from Charles & Keith! Worn it on CNY till now, and since we're having team lunch for today (& colleagues also wearing nice nice), so why not just bring this baby out for a walk? (;


Pretty in Nude Pink (:

Have a good Monday everyone!

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