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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sick again.

Well, I'm officially sick again.
Felt feverish at work yesterday, so asked for half day Sick Leave to visit a doc.
It's just so troublesome to not have any Company Sponsored Clinic near my house.
Had to take lrt to Fajar to see a doc. ):

But in the end, I got really sick in the cab, so went straight home, pop in fever pills and sleep.
After waking up, though fever is gone, but my nose is running on a "tap" mode.
So I can't take it already, phoned dear and he brought me to see doc...
Spent $30 in that clinic with all these meds:


Luckily there's no work today, so I can rest more at home.

Skipped yesterday's law lesson also ):
Hopefully with Shermaine's notes, I can understand what my lect is teaching bahh..
Anyway, say hi to Shermaine here:


She's a brave wife, mum and my first friend made in SHRI! :D
She actually offered to give me lect's recording, but I don't listen to recordings la, so she said she's gonna listen to the recording & write down the main point & explain it to me on the next lesson!
Thank you my friend! Thank you very much! (:

Gonna start sorting out notes for revision already!
Exams in approximately 16 days!

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