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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello, 2013!


Just to say that YR 2012 has been tough for me.
Experienced alot of Hi & Bye that year!

Some of the memorable stuff that happened to me & friends in YR 2012:

Impromptu decision to participate Jitterbugs Recital with Sandy & Geraldine.
Remember how the ladies struggled to style my hair? :D

This lady of mine fulfilled her dream career as a dancer (:
Not only in YR 2012, but in your future I hope for the best for you.

Sending this 9 year away for her few weeks overseas education trip!
Remembered that Gina & I teared after Zhen went through the gantry...

First meetup in Botanic Gardens with my crazy DC cliques!
We were homeless on that day, roamed about anywhere like a bunch of crazy dittos!

Bidding goodbye to my 1 year education career in Ace@Work
A bunch of playful kids, but at times, I was confused about laughing & differentiating their silly mistakes!
They made my day & also made my throat sore. 

These 2 clowns are super hilarious!
Miss them too...
Btw, the one standing got himself 208 marks for his PSLE.
Still complaining about his admission to Greenridge Primary School the other day!

Organized an outing for the D3 Alumnis!
Really hope for the next outing to be real soon yeah?
I miss you guys & ladies....... </3

Oh ya!
First time riding a bike!
Double seater somemore!

Second meetup of the year for holding a mini birthday celebration for dearest Ping!

Congrats Meimei & gang for winning the teens k pop audition!

YuanKai's 21st Celebration.
Lost our way while finding the place!

Sweetest meetup with Menghan and Junyu!
& he wore my favourite Panda shirt! (:

Celebrated Julie's 19th birthday at Starbucks with Sandy & Geraldine!

Had a wonderful 21st Birthday Celebration!
Never could have done it without the help from Zhen & Dear <3
& of course, all my friends who "shang lian" (turn up) for the party!

& the presents with lots of love from my lovely friends! :D

Did Gelish Manicure with Ping for the first time too!

Went to USS for the first time!
Thanks dear for sponsoring for the tickets as my birthday gift! <3

Bought myself a branded watch (so-called) and it's purple!

F1-ed with Dear for the 3rd time! :D
Went round & round on the flyer!

Had my first bite into this savory Red Velvet Cupcake from Twelve Cupcake!

Attended D3 first recital! :D
Am proud to be a D3-rians!!

Participated in MJ Workshop for the first time & had fun trying out all the makeup provided by them!
Tips shared in the session are really useful!

My fav cliques on a Sun night (:

Celebrated 3rd Year with dear <3
This is the best part of the year.
It kinda sums up the whole year of unhappiness and sadness, cuz you're with me (:

Well, I've changed jobs twice in YR2012, befriended dancers from Recital (& are still in contact!), had some serious r/s issues... That year is tough for me, made serious decision cause I wasn't young anymore. Gotta plan what's in for me in the future. Need to know where I'm heading to - be it dance or career or r/s.

I'm still pursuing a diploma in HRM, which will cost me another 1.5 yrs where other had already accomplished their study-hood by then. Totally regretted on taking NSS in Ngee Ann, cuz that wasn't my cup of tea. I managed to obtain a GPA of 3.24 though, but after interning at an IT Industry, I still think that I'm not cut out for this job. 

Went ahead to look for educational job in Student Care Centre while waiting for MOE to reply me on the Dip in Edu that I wanna pursue, experienced a series crying, screaming, heartwrenching and joyful moments in this SCC. Waited for a reply for more than 1 yr, nope, I guess it's fate that I wasn't chose to be a teacher afterall. 

After a serious discussion with dear, I've decided to jumped into the field of Human Resource. It's a place where I still get to interact with people to boost my social skills & of course to earn more. So I headed to one of the Private Institute to study for Dip in HRM.

Things went downhill the moment I entered into a phase where I have to undergo intense revision for exams and tests.Everything went so wrong. Dear hated to see me cry for almost all nights, so I've made a decision to end this sorrow. To whom I've spoken my problems to - thank you. Thank you for your listening ear and your precious time, you know who you are.

I'm grateful for the friends I've made in Yongnam too. Most of all, Aunty Jo who always gave me advices to almost everything! She's like a granny to me laa~ I'm very very happy to have met a person like her. Kudos to this Hip Grandmama! :D Also to Rina, June, Janice and Ice - thank you for the heart warming lunch that you all cooked when I've nothing to eat at all. Much thanks to ShuRong too, who introduced this job to me and taught me so much in this journey. (:

Okay la~~
Enough of my want-to-cry-out-and-very-grateful speeches already! 
This year, it's going to be big, fun & more fun! :D
Alright! For this year, this is what I'm going to achieve:

  • Successfully finish my Diploma in HRM!
  • At least join a Dance Co. Recital!
  • Meetup with D3 Alumnis, DC babes & hunks!
  • Go overseas! (I don't care if it's only Malaysia XP)
  • Be contented with whatever I had!
  • Less tears, more smiles :D
  • Photography / Studio shoot! (Gonna buy Groupon & try!)
  • Have savings of at least $10k !

I can't think of anything else already. Hmmm... Maybe I'll add on more when I came across the things I wanna achieve? (:

Till then, hereby wishes everyone a FUN & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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