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Monday, November 19, 2012

Majolica Majorca Beauty for Eye Workshop & Ah Boys to Men Part 1

A few months ago, went to sign up for MJ workshop & miraculously I was selected to attend for the workshop! :D *jumps up & down across the bedroom*

Okay la, I knew I was kinda sua ku, but hor, I can go for makeup workshop leis!!
*Mad excited*!!!!

Reached quite early, so went to Cineleisure to have dinner first. Shokudo- Japan Coffee House is the place I'm having my dinner! (: I would never fail to order their Curry Omelette Rice every time I visit this restaurant! This time round, I chose their Grilled Chicken instead of the usual Fried Chicken Cutlet cuz me need to eat less fried food! Gaining fats in progress sia, sad! I miss Marcus's routines~

Though I emailed the in charge that I will be late for the workshop, but since Cineleisure has nothing to shop so, I decided to turn up early for the event.

The event's venue is directly behind H&M, which is considered as the same building too luh. I think the place is called the Orchard Towers or something, can't really remember. This event is held in Shisedo's Office and is organised by CLEO.

Staffs were very friendly and there's even light refreshment such as doughnuts and tea! Didn't get to eat the doughnuts, cuz me very full from Curry Rice!!

Workshop starts lo!

The lady was promoting their latest chapter, Chapter 34 - Psychedelicious

Letting us to cleanse our face first before putting on makeup!
Using ZA Blueish Cleanser, ZA Toner and Moisturizer!
All can be found in Wastons, Guardian and local supermarkets! (:

First up, Skin Lingerie Primer!
I had this tube at home!
Seldom use it cuz me kinda sensitive to Silica?
Pimples could be seen the very next day! :/
But it's a good product though! It covers and minimizes pores, making the skin looks flawless!

Tried their foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, , mascara, blusher and lipgloss!

Out of these make up products, I love the Mascara and Eyeshadow most!!
More pictures ahead!!!

Love this product!!

Next up was a Lucky Draw!
I was soooo lucky and won myself a Bracelet! ((:

Thank you so much for your talk!
Totally enjoyed it! :D

Good experience with makeup workshop!
Hopefully I can attend more of this next time!


Went for a date with Dear for a movie, Ah Boys to Men!

Was very excited for this show cuz QiuQiu was in it!
Movie was really hilarious and meaningful!
Can totally feel what the NSF felt while they were in camp!

Bought this in SASA fair!
New collections to my makeup pouch!

Hungry dear dear~

Grilled Chicken Omelette Rice with Curry again!

Wo kai dong lo!

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