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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Star Vista Beh-bay!!

I was quite happy with myself yesterday, cuz with the help of dear, I finished my project and did workouts with dear! (:

& today, to reward ourselves, we are going to Star Vista!!!

I've been wanting to visit this shopping mall cuz there's lots of food inside! XP
So glutton me! Heh!

Okay lah, I did not eat much at this shopping mall, so I'm gonna intro only some of the few stalls there.

Star Vista is one of the shopping malls that is not fully air-conditioned and it's all open spaced!
Dear mentioned that it kinda has the same concept as Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), but instead of all branded outlets, food stalls covered 2/3 of the shopping mall!!

We did not go straight for food when we set foot in Star Vista, cuz this shop caught our eyes!

Prices in there is very reasonable!
Nothing goes over SGD 40!
But I did not buy any shoes, cuz I still have one working pair. :/
Maybe next time?

Children were seen playing with the water!
There's even a changing rooms for the kids!

Up next, FOOD!!!

Basically, it's called " Black Pearls with Grass Jelly ".

There's two outlets in Singapore:
Star Vista and Clementi CityVibe (around Lao Ban Tau Huey).

The seating area outside is very spacious and pretty!
Imagine all the pretty grass and flowers accompanying you to have your cold desserts on a hot weather in Singapore!!
Zhen Xiang Shou~

Shaggy face!
Reminded me of Shaggy in Scooby Doo..! XP

 Ordered their Specialty!

They sell bubble teas too!

*Is our dessert done yet?*

Verdict (IMO):-
This dessert is too chewy.
As you can see, there's pearls, starchy taro/sweet potato balls & taro/golden sweet potato cuboid, red beans and grass jelly.
The portion of chewy substances outweighs the grass jelly and red beans.
Shaved ice is hidden below and it's too less for a dish.
Overall, if they can take away some of the chewy thingy and add more shaved ice, then it will be a superb dish! :)


$4 per pack!
Portion is very big!!

After eating it, then I know why the portion is soooo big.
It's because of the starch with the mushroom!
It's like paying $4 for starch leis!
We did not finish the whole packet, left half of it and threw it in the bin.
Totally not recommended!!

Afterwards, we went to Queensway to settle our dinner (:

Dear told me that they're running a family business!
Currently, there's 3 stalls that's theirs!

Famous for Sambal Stingray!!! :D

Sugarcane drink with lemon for only $1.20!

Baby Kai Lan for $6!

Sambal Stingray for $10!

Dear trying out his instagram!

The dishes all very Xia Fan!
Hao Chi!

Went to walked around Queenstown and dear bought a pair of trackpants for jogging (:
Strolled to IKEA to have 2nd round of dinner!
*fat die me*

Dark Choc Cake
Not very nice, still prefer the butterscotch cake!

Seafood Rings for $2.90.

Fries and Nugget set for $2.90 ?

Very famous Ikea wing's!!

Dear initially did a "100" but then he changed it to a :| face, cuz I was giving one at this time!

Luckily there's shuttle bus for the both of us, so we can save time and money to take mrt home (:

Today's already Saturday!
Time passed way too fast le ):
I've had Sunday left to rest and recharge myself for work on Monday ):
Hate to work....
&, will I be getting back my test results on Monday?
Oh boy, I hate my life right now )':

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