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Friday, September 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

I've made a strong and yet heavy decision on Tuesday morning, which is to withdraw myself from Oschool Recital this year. I know that this is a very silly thing to do but I've to make time for my studies. After going through the study materials on Monday, I found myself trapped in this cruel reality. I can't have the best of both worlds - dance, studies and work all at the same time.

Jack of all trades, Master of none - if I were to pull through days of rehearsals and sleep-less nights of doing projects and assignments, I will end up with a tired body and soul, not to mention, I fall sick very easily during stressful periods too.

Well, so that is it. I dropped a text to Ryan and Fredy, thanking them on the opportunity given and yet, I failed to contribute to the team. I was ashamed of myself and questioned as to why I should give hope to others and my own.

I love dance more than anything else in the world, but with my current situation, I have to sacrifice one of the stuff at hand. I'm sorry, for the nth time, for the people who believed in me, congratulated me for pulling through the audition. I'm sorry, for me.

With love, 

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