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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Food for thoughts: How far can the piece of paper bring me?

Ever since I've embarked on this degree course, I've been wondering to myself if all of these will be worth it. I can imagine myself getting this piece of paper and holding my head up to others, telling them that Hey, I've got the paper too! But what's next? What should I do with it?

This piece of paper will easily bring me to doors of the company that I wished to work for and could easily give me better starting salary than before. However, which is the company that I wished to work for? I do not have an idea yet. All I know is that, I need to complete my education once and for all.

Complete education? Hmmm, well, in Singapore, I don't think there's a word for Education Completion Date because it's always "learn until you die".

So, I have this random thought. Should I stop pursuing my degree course and go for something that I like, say for example, dance? Not say that I hate to study but I'd prefer going on short courses to enrich myself? But, when I came to think about it, all education incurs financial losses. It's the concept of opportunity cost.

Well, let's weigh the costs;
Education will bring about knowledge that enrich your live, but education will also cost damage to your current finance situation, health and time. Remember this phrase; "Time and tide waits for no man"?

So what's my conclusion? Well, I still don't know yet. Years ago, I've made a pact to myself that I have to get a Degree Cert to complete my education, no matter what. But during the education path, I did a Private Diploma course just because I wanted to swerve my career path to HR. I gained alot of insights into corporate world and is thankful of the knowledge from my lecturers, but I ventured into the Public Sector whereby they placed priority into govt's recognized institution more than private institution. Since then, I've started to think that my private education is becoming pf no use. I couldn't apply my knowledge in my current job because this job is all about administrative stuff. I might as well, venture into secretary or personal assistant job since I like to organize things for people right?

Yup. You've got me. I have thoughts to change my career direction again - to be PA or secretary. Isn't it more meaningful to provide service for people directly than to do background administrative work?

Haix, I'm really confused to what I'm going to do when I get that stupid paper. Everything seems so blur to me right now. I just want to get a job during the day (of course it'll have to pay me sufficiently) and go for dance for my non-working hours. Is it that difficult to accomplish?

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  1. If u decide to go for PA or secretary job, go for banking industry they paid quite well