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Monday, April 14, 2014


I've been thinking about this ever since I got my bridging timetable and R! audition dates - Am I making the right choice to apply for Degree Course at all? Of course, it should be valid that having a Degree cert will secure a job placement in the working industry, but why is it that I have to sacrifice some of my dance day during the course?

I've just received my timetable for the semester and saw that I will be having classes on Wed and Fri. Yes, both of the days that I love most are taken away from me. I mean, how much more things must I sacrifice before I can get the holy paper?

Sooner I realized that, I've placed my priority on dance more than upgrading myself. This shouldn't be the way. Getting a degree cert is my final stop for my education but why do I make it at the bottom of my list now? Have I had too much fun during the pre-degree period that I forgot I still have to complete my final goal in life?

I have been hearing so much about going through Uni life from my friends. I got the negative vibe, the stress and tension from each and everyone of them. I began to feel it and slowly, the thoughts of me withdrawing hit me. I can't possibly withdraw from it now, I've paid up the fees and attended the bridging classes. I'm on my way, I can't stop now.

But how long more can I endure? I'm beginning to break into pieces and tears.
I'm beginning to lose myself.

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