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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Birth of Jo&YumYum Diary

Hello everybody! Guess what? I've decided to come up with a food diary to share good food and places with all of you! :D I don't really want to create another food blog for the reviews (simply because I'm plain lazy :x) ,so I came up with the name "Jo&YumYum" Diary - YumYum can meant yummy food or yummy places & etc. Randomly thought of this name while blogging on Angus House few night before. Weirdo. Lol.

I've also added this section to the left column of my blog (under the stats count), there you can see are places/cafes that I've visited and provided reviews for sharing purposes. (: It'll be easier for you guys to look through different restaurants/cafes instead of browsing each and every of my posts.

For instant updates for which cafes I'm currently visiting, you can simply follow me on Instagram (@josiegoesweeeee) or you can wait for my review updates on Facebook Page (@Josiegoesweeeee).

Steady ah~ Shall start working my ass off for every food that I eat already. Waistline getting thicker. Pfffft! See ya! :D

With love,

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