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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sheren's Birthday at Angus House

Happy Birthday Sheren! I know your birthday has passed for like a month already, but I'm here blogging already, so don't be mad yeah? :D

Thank you dear for the invitation! Felt very honored to attend your birthday celebration with Aisyah and with your other friends too! It's such a pity that Janet couldn't join us :( 

This is actually my first time visiting this restaurant. I never knew that there's such a high class restaurant hidden on top level of Takashimaya! Angus House is actually a Japanese Steak Restaurant that serves charcoal-grilled steaks as well as spaghetti with a Japanese twist. It is well-known for its savoury steaks, however I don't get to eat it due to religion beliefs. Sheren changed my menu to Grilled Seafood set when I told her about this. Such a darling (:

This is Sheren, the main star for the night. We bought her LUSH products because she simply loves them to the core! Eversince we knew each other from Recital, she's been introducing LUSH products to us.

Although she received 2 sets of Candy Box from us and her friends, she still jumped with joy! (:

The waiters were asked to serve the food first as almost all her friends are late for the celebration. So, let's see what she've got for us!

Green Salad - Light Balsamic Vinaigrette with greens

Potage Creme de Corn.
Not very creamy.

Appetizer - Escargot.
I find it on the average side, would prefer the ones in Ma Maison.

Chicken with Curry Sauce.
I love this! Can't find the exact name on the website :(

Mixed Seafood Grill
I love the prawns and scallops! Not a very big fan for Squid but it tasted good though!
The sauce for this is really delicious! Saw her friends requested for more sauce!

Aisyah's Charcoal Steak Grill.

Finally, it's desserts time! Haha! I guess, it's birthday song time too! Her friends surprised her by asking waitresses to bring in the cake into the unlit room! Then Sheren grabbed anyone that she saw to take photos with her. Aggressive lady but still acting demure. Tsk! :p

Left this big piece for her that night. She must be starving mad because she only took a bite of every dishes presented to her? Poor girl trying to host for the night yet the crowd is too much for her to handle.

She did wanted Aisyah and I to accompany her for clubbing, but I don't really want to get involve in those places already, so we rejected the offer. It ended pretty late for the night but we're still thankful for the invitations even though we knew each other for only less than a year.

Hey Sheren! This is for you. Thank you (once again) for the invitation to your birthday celebration and we really hope that you will super love the present we bought for you (don't like also have to use :p). It has been a tough year for you ever since recital ended and I believe you can endure this process. Keep in touch soon and please don't lose your phone again!! Love you sweetheart! <3

With love, 

Angus House
391 Orchard Road
#04-25 Ngee Ann City
+65 6735 6015

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