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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 3

Started our day with breakfast at Yonghe (located opposite Rainbow Hotel). We bought Bacon Fried Crepe, Egg Crepe & Soyabean milk and all cost NT83!

Bacon Fried Crepe
It's abit dry for breakfast, so it'll be good to have soyabean milk to pair with it. (:

Egg Crepe (sorry for bad photos!)
I personally prefer this 'cuz it's soft, warm and yummy!

Took Metro to Taipei Main Station and TRA to Ruifang (NT49). We bought ourselves one day pass at NT52 and we can take their train to anywhere within their districts! It's definitely worth it if you're exploring all the places in Ruifang! (:

At first, we wanted to explore JianTou, followed by JiuFen and Shifen, but we ditched our plan because the train was taking way too long to reach JianTou. So, we went to Shifen instead. The temperature for that day dropped to 12-13 degrees and I remembered we hid at a corner before our train arrived. The wind kept blowing and it was freaking cold I swear!

It started drizzling when we reached ShiFen, so we bought ourselves raincoat (NT30) from one of the road stalls. Surprisingly, the raincoat is able to block off some of the wind too!!! :D Less shivering for us! Yay! Oh ya, we didn't have a heavy breakfast, so we were mad hungry when we reached our stop. This stall caught our eyes immediately and we knew that was what we're going to start our lunch. It's the Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wing Stall!

You can literally drool while he was bbq-ing the chicken wings! There's two options for you to choose from, either stuffed it with Ham & Egg Fried Rice (NT55) or Kimchi with Smelly Tofu (NT60). I would love to try the Smelly Tofu, but Xinying doesn't like it, so I'm good with Ham & Egg Fried Rice!

See See See!! How not to fall in love with the chicken wings~! Less than SGD3 and you can have this savoury Chicken Wings - it's BONELESS somemore! Very suitable for a lazybum like me! :p

Boneless Chicken Wing stuffed with Ham & Egg Fried Rice (NT55)
Food created from heaven! I love it so much that it's in my list of top recommendations food in Taiwan! You really have to try it if you're there! You'll regret it if you don't!

I remembered there were 2 big dogs following me when I was having the chicken wing and Xinying kept laughing at me! Having those love-hate relationships with dogs though! Hah! Strolled over to where the sky lanterns are sold. There's so many tourists there and most of them are from Korea! As all the prices for sky lantern are the same, we randomly entered into a shop, chose the 4-sided Sky Lantern (NT 200)and started writing down our wishes! They actually provide Chinese brushes instead of markers for us to write on it!

We chose the blue package (3rd row from top), which consist of - 
White - Health/Safe
Blue - Dreams/Hope
Orange - Wealth/Money
Pink - Bliss/Love

As you can see, my dear friend here is very very interested in $$$!
All pictures were drawn by her!

The guy was asking why are we looking for white horse, then Xinying went ahead and wrote "Rainbow Horse" instead!!

Once we're done, the staffs prepared to set the lantern for us. They were very friendly and even helped us to take photograph with the oncoming train!

Before setting our lanterns off, we got to take photos with each side of it on the railway track!

Fire's up!

Off our lantern goes~
Please grant us our wishes okayyy~!!

We kept on looking back to check if our lantern really flew up higher as it goes. So I believe it's a sign - a sign of telling us that it's going to be a good year ahead (: We went over to one of the souvenir shop and bought some mini ones for colleagues/friends too! Total cashout from shop: NT670!!

Initially, we were afraid that there's not going to be any more train schedules but instead, we had to wait for an hour for the next ride. Hungry and cold, we went to a food stall beside it and settle for late lunch.

Hopped over to a cafe to have cuppa of Caramel Latte and chilled for awhile. Trained back to Ruifang and crossed the streets to take Bus 788 to Jiu Fen.

It was beginning to drizzle alot heavier by the time we reached Jiu Fen. Xinying managed to buy Pineapple Tarts & Taiyang Bing and we've got ourselves some Pineapple Tarts for free too! Taiwanese are so hospitable! ^_^ Though we were sort of roaming aimlessly on the streets, but we managed to find Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan Dessert Stall. Xinying loved it and insisted on having this if we were to set foot in JiuFen!

Yam Ball Dessert (Hot) - NT40
The yam balls are very chewy and soft! Love the red beans and soup too! Perfect for having in a cold weather like this!

The temperature begun to drop to a new low and we could even see our breath! Totally regretted not bringing my trench coat for this trip :( The rain is getting heavier but I was telling Xinying that I will definitely live with more regrets if I missed the Ice Cream Popiah!

Ice Cream Popiah - NT35
True enough, the dessert is heavenly good! It's not too sweet and you can taste flakes of peanut candy in it.
Having ice cream in 10 Degree Celsius weather is super shiok!

See! Told you that Taiwanese was very hospitable! She even offered to help us take photo in the stormy weather! And good news for all of you - the lady was telling us that she will be coming to Chinatown in SG on Feb 15th/16th to sell this delicacies! Go get it 'cuz you certainly won't regret it! :D

The rain was getting heavier - each step we took was like fighting against the rainstorm. We were completely drenched in our poncho when we reached the busstop. Upon bus arrival, 3 Japanese ladies came and asked for directions. Both of us were flustered because we couldn't understand a single word at all. I should have learnt some simple Japanese from my brother :/ But luckily, we managed to guess it and board on the same bus together. They were extremely grateful when they reached their stop and kept thanking us until they got off the bus! It's a pleasure to meet them though (:

We alighted at Kee Lung (Ji Long) and headed to MacDonald to rest. Freshened up at the ladies and started to zone out. Thankfully I have Xinying with me and she checked on the route to take to reach Miao Kou Night Market. Love you much much! (:

Miao Kou Night Market is known for their seafood but my dear friend here is allergic to them T.T Can't really eat much for that night le!

Entrance of Miao Kou Night Market

Crabmeat Soup - NT50
Texture is exactly like Shark Fin Soup, just that they don't provide vinegar to top with.

Signature Milk Ice
This is pretty interesting though. It's softer than Ice Kachang and texture is similar to Ice Cream.

Sotong Tempura - NT25
I think we have this in SG, similar to the ones in Shilin Xiao Chi.

Healthy Sandwich - NT55
Initially we wanted to head back home because it was getting late already, but Xinying mentioned that this is a MUST-EAT in Miao Kou Night Market, so we bought it back to hostel and warmed it up.
Bread crust was cripsy and it was very delicious on the inside! Although it doesn't seem as healthy as its name (fried bread), it sure is a recommended snack you've gotta try!

We KO-ed real fast once we're done washing up! The following day will be a free-n-easy day and we're going to meet up with Xinying's friend, Gina, who happens to be a Taiwanese! Hair Rescue day followed by Damshui and Fisherman's Wharf - can't wait!! :D

With love

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