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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Decipher your dreams

Came across this website when my friend was using it to decipher own dreams. Initially, I thought it was silly to do so, as dreams & reality is a totally different thing. You can dream of everything, money raining down your head, get into car accident, kissing someone you might not know, but for sure, it won't come true most of the time. 

However, for me, some of my dreams came true. It's kinda like deja vu, when I saw what I dream of. Take this for an example: One fine day I was having lunch with my colleagues during our bonding day, and we were having chicken chop at Saizeriya. I dreamed of this way before I joined this company, just that I can't see their faces clearly. It was really amazing how it actually appear in my dream before I actually know them.

So, how to not trust what my dream was telling me leh? Haha! Of course, if it's a good dream, I believe that it will come true somehow, but if it's a bad one, at least I'm prepared for it. (:

It will be really good if we could live in our dreams. Be whoever we wanted to be and be with whoever that loves us the most. Just happiness, and nothing else.


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