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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exam Break!

Hi everybody! I'm so sorry for neglecting this space for a while now. :/ Exam's in a week's time and I gotta have the need to update you all about my happenings before I go MIA for the whole of July! Yeah :/, it's quite frustrating though. I need to have full concentration for my exams.

Well, as you all know, J.E.M is the new heartland mall in the west and it's kinda like a mini-orchard, don't you think so? Hah. My bf and I have went there for a couple of times already, but we could only walked past Marche cuz it's hell lots of people! You could see long queue at all the times of the day! So, last friday night, we wouldn't care much of it and queued for dinner! Just by looking at the pizza will make you drool already, so why not spend some time (by queuing) and anticipate it? (:


Everyone should know well enough of their parent restaurant right? The one which serves great Rosti and Sausages and provide lots of varieties for you to choose from! (: Whereas, Movenpick only serves Pizzas, Pastas and Salads as their mains, 4 side snacks and lots of beers and wine for you to chill out your night. It's a great place to hangout on a friday night laa! :D

It's a full house on that day, so we have no choice but to be seated at the wine bar. No complaints about that, but I worried for the small space for us to dine. Ordered these for the night:

Smoked Duck Breast Pizza
Thin Crust, good dough and smoking-licious duck meat!!

Bacon-wrapped Sausages
Cripsy Bacon, yummy sausages and good to go Sauce!!

Bill came out about $35 for 2 pax and it's really worth it! (:
You should definitely give it go.
I'm not really sure if there's any branches in Orchard, but you can always drop by JEM if you want to!
Shops like H&M, UniQlo will be able to make your trip worthwhile already!

Oh ya, 
There's also Paris Baguette in JEM too!
Had desserts after our dinner (:


Their Strawberry Crepe cakes are the bomb!
Caramel sticks are so-so only, not to my liking.
Cafe Mocha is really good too! Not too sweet and not too bitter (:
Total bill came up to $23.80 (adding 1 Royal Pudding)

Sometimes, we've gotta chill and enjoy little bit of luxury in our life.
Don't you think so?

Moving on, headed to Isetan to use up my $50 vouchers yesterday.
Bought 1 knitted cardigan and 1 shirt for adrian at LOWRYSFARM in Collectpoint, Level 2 (i think).
Adrian paid the bill and mine's for free! <3
I will try to do up a post on the loots I bought in the month of June bah.
Bought some tops for less than $15 each and they're all so pretty!
Rushed over to catch Monster University at Cineleisure and we were late!
Was abit angsty at first, cuz I really hate to be late.
But, soon, the movie caught me.
It brought me inspiration and encouragement for my life.

Moral of the movie:
Work hard, but fail. Try again. Fail again, then work with something else.
Work at something small, and you will achieve.
Having a group to agree with you is a bonus.
Having a friend that believes & work together with you is all that you need.


Woke up early this morning so that I could get to buy Mee Hun Kway at the hawker stall.
They always run out of Dumplings if I woke up too late.
Ordered and went to 7-11 to pass time.
Saw this mini Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder selling at $6.90 and also mini packs of Biore Cleansing/Makeup Remover wipes at 2 for $5.90.
Just like that, I spent $12.80 in less than 10mins?
Makeup stuffs never fail to fascinate me! :D


Just look at how small this Powder is?
I wouldn't spend $19.90 for the original size of it, in case it doesn't suit my face and cause pimples right?
This can really comes in handy if I were to bring a small bag out.
Can also blot away the oils after lunching out or before dates!

Shall try it later when I'm out for Jacq's Birthday celebration (:

Stay Tuned for my next updates in late July alright?
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