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Monday, May 6, 2013

Adrian's 22nd Birthday

Hi everybody! It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last updated on this space! How’s everyone doing? (: Anyway, latest updates first – I think I’m too old for staying out late cuz I felt like a zombie when I reached home at 5am on a Saturday morning. Yes, from 8am on Friday till 5am Saturday, I’m out working and spending quality time with friends. Ahah! & I’ve got rehearsal on a Saturday evening, so I kinda rushed out of my house once I woke up! Teehee. After rehearsal, I met up with Zhen for catchups and reached home at midnight! On Sunday, I had to go for dance audition with dearies at Recognize Studios for their Recital. (100000% shiokness for having muscles ache after the audition! YES!)

So, basically, I do not have sufficient sleep which leads to a zombie Josie on a Monday Morning. Booo! And now, there’s a technical glitch at work, so all our networks are down, which means, I can put aside some time for blogging! Hurrayyyy! :D


I brought Adrian to Wild Honey over the weekend for his birthday celebration, but it kinda disappoints me when he said that he’s been there before. :/ But, still, I’ve already made reservations and all, (& most importantly, I’ve not been there before), so fussed up alil on him and heck it! :p 


The ambience is pretty comfy but I guessed that there’s quite a few of family gatherings there, so it’s quite noisy (in the sense that I can’t hear the background music clearly). 
The servers are all customer-oriented and deliver excellent services! You’ll know how great their services are when it comes to the later part of the post! & I’ve also planned a mini event for him! :p

While waiting for our food to be served, I had fun with my camera~


And Adrian went on being an uncle and read his newspaper :p


Yay! Our drinks came! If I'm not wrong, I ordered Hot Mocha and I guessed he ordered Latte? The barista was so nice to put a heart on our drinks (:


Adrian's enjoying his cuppa Latte! He even played with his Latte -.-


Piggy destroying the heart! Roarrrrrr!!


My Mocha tasted too sweet, which imo, I don't really like it though I appreciate their heart shape art on it. Whereas Adrian's Latte is too bitter, but... isn't Latter always bitter de? I remembered having Latte at Mac & regretted adding only 2 pkts of sugar inside, cuz it's not even sweet at all! *notes to self: Latte is not equal to Mocha! LOL!

After having much fun with our drinks, here comes our food!

My English Breakfast which serves in super huge portion!
Plus point: 
Huge portion - definitely worth the price of $24.
Healthy - good source of protein, iron and vitamins.
1 dish - can be eaten as 2 meals (:
Taste - delicious & VERY DELICIOUS? HAHAH!
Totally recommended! :D

Adrian's European Breakfast which looks way tooooo cute! 
Thick toast topped with Poached eggs & mushrooms wrapped with Parma Ham!
Definitely a hearty and fullfilling meal!
It tasted so well together! Go try it yourself! :D

Before he started digging in to his meal, he was like, "How come my breakfast so small size! *pouts*".
& then, it was gone as soon as he started! You can imagine how delicious it was! (:

We were rubbing tummies and kept claiming that it was the best meal ever! Thumbs up! So we sat around & camwhored before my mini event starts kicking it.


So, since he was back facing the counter, I got up and pretended to go for toilet but instead I went over to the reception to remind them about the mini event. And to my surprise, she remembered what I requested and asked if it was time to served, I prompted her to send it to my table when I returned from toilet and she nodded and smiled. I know it may seemed very natural for receptionist to remember your request and act to it, but I've came across some restaurants that totally forgot my requests. That's why I was very pleased with their services (:

After coming back from toilet, I've to get seated and act like nothing's happening. Then, I got nervous & tension triumphed over me. It's time. & tadaaaaaa!

Happy Birthday cupCake! (:

He was quite erxin though. The first reaction from him is, "I very full le leis".
It's really very anti-climax! Booooooo!

& yup, you saw it. The 'r' in Birthday is ruined. All thanks to Adrian Lee.

He kept explaining that he was surprised, but his expression with "I very full already", dampened my mood a little. But still, it's his birthday. What can I do? He's the lao da for that day.

Outfit for that day:
Dress - Gift from ex-colleague
Necklace & Bag - Bugis Street

Wild Honey is located at two distinctive places in Orchard:
Meritus Mandarin ,333A Orchard Rd (no reservations allowed)
(Scotts Square) ,#03-01 Scotts Square 

You may want to check out LadyIronChef's blog review on Wild Honey too!

Last shot before we moved on to the Ice Skating Rink in JCube!

I didn't really take out my camera during ice skating cuz it was super difficult! Before entering the rink, I already thought that walking with the skating shoes were madness, but wait till you try walking in the rink. You will cry sia! Basically, I held on to the side railings for the whole of 2 hours trying to get my balance! How difficult is that sia! It's total madness! & I fell twice >_<
Huge humiliation to a Virgo, but nevertheless, we did have fun! (:
Adrian managed to get one of the skaters outside the rink to help a shot of us.

Smile in disguise!

Just in case you don't know where the Ice Rink is located:

The Rink

2 Jurong East Central 1
Level 3, JCube
Singapore 609731

Tel: +65 6684 2374/5

Opening Hours:
Monday: 10.00 am - 7.15 pm
Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday: 10.00 am - 9.30 pm
Friday & Saturday, eve of PH & PH: 10.00 am - 11.45 pm

 After a day out, we gotta rushed back home to pack our luggage cuz we're going Genting the next morning! (:
I'll try to update when I've the time again!
Till then, ciaos!

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