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Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Resigning! (Part 1)

Okay. I've drafted out this post a week ago cuz by now I would have been studying for my exams. Booo!
Torturing, intense revision will start very very VERY soon!! Hah! :D
(Actually I've another post drafted way before this, but I found it too tacky so decided to write a new one instead) (:

As you can see from my title - yes, I'M RESIGNING!
Last day in the company will be today, 17th Jan 2013.
What a good time of the year right?!
I have my first exam on 21st Jan, just 4 days after resignation date.
Then, I can have an ease of mind to prepare for my first exam!
It's been around 2 years since I last studied for exam?
The last intensive period for me should be for the preparation for my Internship Presentation 2 years ago!

Looking back uh, I've been taking lots of chances & turns after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
Sadly, I'm still holding the Diploma from NP whereas friends are getting their Degree this year :(
Shouldn't say that I've wasted my time not to enter into Uni straight after Poly, but I can say is that I took the chance to fulfill one of my dreams - being a teacher.
Though, it's not those glamorous kind of Qualified School Teacher, but I'm still labelled as a Teacher.
Experienced on handling children & keeping up trends at their era, so ultimately, I became a kid too XP
While working there, I did applied for MOE Scheme to be a Qualified Teacher.
Waited for over a year, so I told myself I have to stop hoping.
"What's not yours, will not be yours. No matter how hard you desire for it, it will not come to you."

So, I dropped the idea of becoming a Qualified Teacher.
It's not a sad thing bah, cuz if I really like to teach, I can be a Teacher in any form - be it dance, or tuition? (:
Changed my career path to be an OL!
I guess it suits me, cuz judging from my face, a stamp has already been choped on and labelled "Bound to be OL"!
LOL! Just joking la~
I was offered a job in a Construction Co - a listed company - so it would definitely be a plus point to be included in my resume! :D
Working as a HR wasn't as easy as ABC.
It's all about people relations and socializing skills.
Had difficulty at first dealing with my scope & all cuz I totally have no idea what HR is about.
After that, I slowly picked up bits & pieces along the way & realised that it wasn't an easy task - esp when things doesn't work well with both parties.
I don't have to state the obvious here, but hope that the message gets around as a reminder to all working dudes & babes - work isn't about just qualifications cuz these certs only get you to the door. You have to have the "luck" (of course good ones la!). If luck wasn't on your side at all, just leave. However much you do, they will always label you as something else.
*End of self-procrastination*
Most often, I regret immediately after I did something (guilty somehow), but for this, NAH. :D
I'm happy for the decision that I've made & I DON'T REGRET AT ALL.
I just have to cross my fingers on finding the next suitable job after my exams end!
What kind of job I'm looking for next?
Well, I guess I'm okay if I can find some temp HR jobs to explore some other fields and get experience bah!
Contract- base jobs are fine with me too!
As long as I get to learn something along the way, then it would be fine for me.
As I'm still studying, so I'll really hope that I could get jobs to pay off the tuition fees.
Don't want to switch on my PARANOID MODE when it comes to money issues ):
Time to get my ass off the screen & start studying!
Tips given on revision lessons are sooooooooooo OBVIOUS!

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