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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DC Dinner Dates!

Had a tough battle with 2 exams for the past 2 weeks & all I can say is that - I freakingly survived well (:
Big claps to me! ^^

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I've not been working for almost 2 weeks already & I don't like the feeling of staying at home the whole day to study & nua :(
But I can't go out often cause I have exams too..
So, I've decided, as what dear told me, drop resume in various recruiting agencies or websites so that I can go for interviews as and when they requested and I can study at the same time too! One stone kills two birds! ^^
I've went to about 3 interviews so far & have not heard from them yet. Hopefully I can get employed once my exams are over bah! No income is really killing me! I can't spend anyhow & I can't go SHOPPING!! *Big Cries*

Alright bah! Let's talk about some happy moments!
Time for DC Gathering! ^^
Still remember we had a gathering before Kah Hao went to be armyboy? (:
This time round, we have Nari and Shayne with us! Don was helping Amanda with her assignments so we can't get full strength, but I BELIEVE, we will someday be together again! Okay?

Met up at Bugis and decided to have dinner at Thai Express!

Meals that came first! Mine and Yan's were the last few to serve~ Hungry max to wait for our food!!IMG_4202   IMG_4203

IMG_4204  IMG_4205

IMG_4215  IMG_4216

My Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice (:
It's pretty yum and spicy! Mini-sliced Green Chilli are generously fried together! *Recommended*

Say 'Hi" to our AH BING GE!!! :D

Our pretty Nari and Alex!

Yooohooo~ Who are you trying to call? Tsktsk*

Poor Ah Bing Ge, he said he was suffering from diarrheoa and vomiting..... (but wait, look at what he was eating, Green Curry and Fried Crab?)

*Act Cute Corner*

Pretty Braces (:

Eh? Yan having selca with Nair? Sho Des Kah?

Thai Express

201 Victoria Street #04-08
Bugis+ Singapore 188067
Tel:  +65-6238 7671

Shayne wasn't here in my blog cause I literally forgot to take out my camera to camwhore....
No group shot at all. :(
But memories are for real okay, Shayne?

Went over to CityLink Mall for Desserts and sharing session!
No pictures, as I said, I forgot to take it out to camwhore.
But if you're curious about it, there you go!
The Dessert Stall that we went to:

After that, we chilled at the steps outside Marina Square.
Gazing at the stars and started out heart-to-heart talk with the cliques.
I love this kind of feeling - very relax, trusting, real.
You don't get this feeling in the outside world.
You can't trust anyone, not to mention even to my classmates.
Everyone is so fake and scheming.

I love poly days - fun, real & more fun (:

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