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Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Celebrated 4th Dec with Dear at Takashimaya, Tampopo Restaurant!! :D
I've been wanting to visit this restaurant alr, but because there's always long queue, so I'd skipped the idea.

But this day, it's different!
We're celebrating our anniversary, so we CAN WAIT! :D

Ordered our dishes and started to exchange presents!

First up, Dear brought me his self-made cookies for our anniversary present!
The texture is like pineapple tarts, but these are made with love and strawberry jam! (:
Thank you dear!! <3

IMG_3929 IMG_3930
Next, it's my present!
Dear was so excited when he was unwrapping his gift!
But he doesn't seem very happy that I bought cookbook for him though.... :/

Dear ordered Tampopo Fried Rice with Black Pig!
Kinda their signature dish cuz it's very yummy!!

Speechless with words, cuz it's THAT yummy!! :D

Ordered Baked Scallop with Cheese.
This dish is not very recommended.
Unless you can gobble it up when it reaches you, then it will not be tasty when it's cooled.

This was my share!
Black Pig + Ebi (Prawn) Curry Rice!
Totally worth the money & love it very much!!!
It's such a pity that I can't finish all of it cuz the serving was really HUGE!
You may wanna share this with someone who wasn't a big eater?

Pretty Xmas Tree in Takashmaya!
Don't think they changed the design from last year leis..
Kinda the same... XP


Paragon's Xmas Tree!
Pretty Pretty!!

One of the displays that caught my eye!
It's so cute!!


Another cute one! (:

He was looking for the right size to pose for the camera!
Looking cute? No?

IMG_3963 IMG_3964
Tried on this yellow heel in H&M!
Looks nice but I don't really like bright coloured shoes...
Very hard to match clothes leis...

One selca infront of 313's Xmas Tree!
Dear don't really shoot nice pictures, so I have to do it myself.

Went to Brotzeit to satisfy my beer cravings!
Geraldine & I had beer on one of the nights & I recommend this place to anyone out there to chill & enjoy great beer!

IMG_3973 IMG_3974
Dear and I chose this beer as it bring alittle sweet taste to the bitterness of the beer!
Mine had a tinge of banana sweetness & dear's had the mango taste!

Lingered around till late cuz I applied leave for the next day to celebrate for out special day! ((:


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Thank Youuu! XOXO


Headed to Holiday Inn's Atrium around Outram area for our Buffet Meal at Melting Pot Cafe!
Dear bought the buffet coupon at Groupon and just nice, that day was the last day of the deal.
Luckily he managed to make a lunch reservation for the both of us, if not it will be wasted!

Looked through the reviews for this restaurant & found that it's kinda bad ):
But, we still have to experience it ourselves lah!

Brought dear his 2nd gift!
Self-made Chocolate Chip Cookies from me!!:D
Glad that it was delicious as he had it non-stop!!

One shot while waiting for bus! (:

Was fooling with the mirror at the lobby area!

One more!!

Melting Pot Cafe!

They had a bread toasting corner....

Ice Kachang corner....

Desserts corner!!!!

Fresh Fruits corner!!

First dish - Self made Salad at the Salad bar!
They provide a Rojak Mixing Bowl & we added the ingredients that we want & mixed it up!!
All veges are fresh, so don't worry about having stomachache after that! (:

Cold dish - Cooked Prawns!
Okay, in here, you can't really see the size of the prawns!
What I could tell you is that they are HUGEEEE!!!
Totally worth it!
Almost all the people there had this dish on their table!

Some of the cooked food that they provide...
Their satays are very nice!
Reviews said that there's always a queue at the Satay Corner!

More cooked food...

Voucher includes free flow of Seven-Up and Coke!

This is self-made Mee Rebus!
We even have to cook the noodles ourselves!
The rest were provided at the counter!
It's pretty nice though, judging from my first time having a Mee Rebus!
Abit spicy but totally manageable! (:

Saw the size of the prawn?
Anw, this is our second serving plate! XP

Desserts time!!
What's recommended: The mini cakes and the white yoghurt!

What's recommended: Burnt egg-white lemon pie

Self-made Ice Kachang from the counter! 
Though we added quite a lot of syrup, the dessert is still bland....

Self-decorated ice cream by yours truly (:
Tempting mah?

Last serving before we checked-out from the cafe!

One last shot infront of the Xmas Tree in the hotel!

IMO, in Melting Pot, what's totally recommended would be the satays, prawns and the mee rebus. The choices are not alot, maybe that's why the reviews are bad? If the price of the buffet would be economically priced, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you were to let me choose b/w Sakura International Buffet & Melting Pot, I would opt for Sakura. Choices are more than Melting Pot and it provides Durian Puffs (*fav*)!!!!!

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