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Monday, March 21, 2016

Busybody habit

I've been thinking a lot lately which caused me insomnia for few nights. No, actually it's been a week that these thoughts came into my mind.

I know that these are none of my business, people's relationship problems are for them to settle it and move on with it but I can't stop worrying for this guy. I want to make it clear that he's a good friend of mine, but the thought of how he is going through all these while worries me.

I've been out of bgr for almost 2 years (so I should be heartless about these feelings/situations) but when I got to hear from him, I got so disheartened.

Why is there such a person that play with other's feelings as and when she likes? I can totally vouch for my friend that he is a really good guy and from his past social media feeds, they're so sweet together! Spending time together with families, owning a dog together and pampering each other with gifts - aren't they all sweet gestures?

I've long lost these 'lovey dovey' feelings inside of me, but looking upon these (even when friends who are in relationship now) gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. They should cherish each other even more because they have braved through 4.5 years of experience together. These years aren't long but they aren't short either. Why look for other stones along the pathway when you already have a golden ball in your hands? Furthermore, according to his IG, she asked for second chances in the past few months even though she had numerous of fresh r/s ongoing. What a turn-off.

I tried not to get too emotional because like I said, these are none of my business and partly because I've sealed off my heart to not become too attached to human beings/relationships.  However, the constant worrying for him was still there.

I guess it's just me being Josie. I tend to worry for friends even if my situation is worse than theirs. Say for example, he asked me if I've bought a box of Salted Egg Donut for myself and I suddenly recalled that I didn't at all. I only thought of sharing it with my dance instructor and totally forgot that I should buy 1 for myself too. Upon passing the box to him, he asked again and I lied about sharing with my colleagues. Hey, I'm not cheating or whatsoever, but I don't want him to spare his for me.

I'd really wish that he could live his life better, get super occupied with whatever he is doing so that he won't have time to think about that lady. One day, she will realized that losing someone like him is her ultimate loss. You're totally not worthy of his affection, lady.

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