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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jo&YumYum: Matt's The Chocolate Shop

This is going to be a short review yeah? We chanced upon this shop while walking to Vanilla Bar & Cafe (you can see my review here), keep to the right side of the street and you will see this small shop along the way.


There's nothing fancy about this little front, simple and small, just nice to house 8 pair of butts inside. It's pretty amazing when it doesn't seem attractive but smells super chocolaty when I stepped in it.

This is for real - So rich, you can just smell it.

It wasn't full house on that day so we're lucky enough to have a table on our own. Ordered their cakes and drinks for our after-lunch sweets.

Chocolate cake - $4.
At first we thought this was a molten lava cake, but we were wrong. It's just a simple chocolate cake topped with chocolate fudge. However, I like it alot. I assume it's made out of dark chocolate and dark chocolate is simple the bomb! It crumbles alot and at the same time, doesn't taste dry at all.

Iced Mocha - $4.80 (additional 50 cents for ice drinks)
It has a strong coffee taste and it's diluted. I don't really like it. Maybe we should try their Chocolate drink instead.

Overall, this could conclude as a simple after-lunch snacks if you're craving for chocolate therapy for the day. They sell tiramisu and big cakes too! Give it a try if you happen to be around that district. 
Simply affordable and therapeutic (holy chocolate smell).

Pardon the messy table! :p

With love,

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