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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jo&YumYum: Drury Lane

Hello everybody! It's time to finally put aside some time to do up cafe review! This round I'm going to Drury Lane Cafe! This cafe is located around Tanjong Pagar which is very accessible from my workplace.

Drury Lane Cafe
94 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088515
Operating hours:
Mon9:00 am - 8:30 pm
Wed - Thu9:00 am - 8:30 pm
Fri9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun10:00 am - 6:00 pm
 (within walking distance from Orchard Hotel)

Drury Lane Cafe can be easily seen as it is painted in bright red among the shop houses just opposites the row of bridal shops. I like the name of the cafe as it seems London-ish and it does brings out the feel of travelling abroad in this little cafe.

The first level of the cafe is mainly occupied by the counters and coffee bar, and there are few high chairs towards the left side of the shop. As my friend and I are going to have our lunch, so we headed to the second storey for comfort seats. I do realized that there's a strong cooking smell on the first level, so do avoid that if you do not want to be stained with the smokey smell.

Simply love the decorations on the second floor. It's very spacious but at the same time, cozy enough to make you feel like home. We would have sat on the orange sofa if we weren't having lunch for that day. I like wooden furniture because it gives me the vintage and retro feeling. Good job on the ambiance and decorations!

A very simple one page menu that sums up everything in the cafe. They have interesting names for their dishes and drinks and saw that piece of paper under Specials? They change that often to suit customers' picky tastebuds :p As usual, I will order a cuppa Mocha but this time, I opted for Eggs Benedict instead of Big 94. 

Big 94 - $14
My friend ordered this. I tried some of it too but it tasted average to me. On the other hand, I love their scrambled eggs; it tasted creamier than what I had in other cafes. The handmade sausage is a disappointment though, probably it wasn't well mixed during marination. It tasted bland once and at another mouth, it tasted like salt. Other than the sausage, the rest of them is still good! Worth trying!

Brown (espresso with milk and chocolate) - $5.50
This is what I called - Mocha. Haha! Isn't mocha prepared like this? Anyway, this version of mocha has a slightly stronger coffee smell/taste, perhaps it's due to the espresso? It doesn't taste acidic and I kind of love it. It has a bitter coffee taste with a tinge of sweetness from the chocolate underneath.

Eggs Benedict - $12
This is my first time having Eggs Benedict and it's still acceptable for me. The hollandaise sauce goes well with the eggs and toast and this dish comes with plenty of greens too! I guess I could quote this as a healthy brunch yeah? (: I love the honey cured bacon - doesn't taste overly sweet but it's more on the peppery side & I like it this way (: I have difficulty breaking up the crust of the toast, but it's very soft on the inside. The proportion is great for me and will definitely recommend this to egg lovers out there!

There's no crowd at all during lunch time and they serve special dishes that's only during weekends! I've also heard good reviews on their Candy Bar Pie, probably gonna try that on my next visit! 
Do visit them and be immersed in their delicious coffee and vintage getaway! (:

With love,

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