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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jo&YumYum: Symmetry & The Lounge

Hello everyone! I'm back with more food to make you hungry and salivating at this unearthly hour! Muahaha! This time round, I had my bff with me, Xinying, to celebrate Valentine's Day together :D Since she is occupied on Friday (the actual V Day), so we arranged to meetup on 13th Feb 2014 instead!

Both of us suggested to go Symmetry for our dinner date! So much of telepathy with this crazy lady here! :p I've been wanting to visit Symmetry after hearing so much reviews from various bloggers, but unfortunately, they do not offer All Day Breakfast menu at night :(

Actually, I love how their name sounds - "Symmetry" kind of depicts a balance and sharing of good food with good companions. Cafe by day and restaurant bar at night, Symmetry is located in a serene spot within walking distance from Bugis MRT.

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
Operating hours:  Mon 10.30am - 9pm
Tues-Thurs 10.30am - 11pm
Fri 10.30am - 12mn
Sat 9am - 12mn
Sun 9am - 9pm
(walk towards Raffles Hospital)

It was narrow and tables filled up almost 70% of the cafes. I guess it's suppose to house more than 20 pax in it? I love the interior of the cafe - brick walls and artsy pictures makes me feel like I'm having dinner in another country. (:

There's are seats outside the cafe, so if you feel that it's better to dine with the nature, feel free to grab a seat (:

Candles burning, who am I waiting?

As soon as we settle down, Xinying started to look at the menu and I whipped out my camera for standby! Hehe :p I feel good to have my camera to take shots of the food, at least they will turn out clearer than my S4.

Did I mention that I love the way their menu folds? The piece of plastic was folded in the menu book and spreads out so nicely without having the trouble to open it one by one. Kudos for the innovations! (: I don't know if you can see the prices clearly, but it's not cheap at all. Mains were priced at $28 minimum and even for their truffle fries, it costs 2-3 times than normal cafes. It'd burnt a big hole in my pocket after leaving the cafe though.

We each ordered a main dish and a tin of Truffle Fries to share.

Truffle Fries - $15
This is highly raved and it doesn't disappoint me at all. The fragrance of truffle oil is so strong that it doesn't prick your nose and make you feel nauseous when you smell it. Parmesan cheese was topped and mayo & ketchup were served together. It was served in large quantity and despite how many strands I tried to stuff in, we just couldn't finish them. It will be good to share with a group 3-4.

Chicken - $28
Don't laugh! The dish's name is really called "Chicken". Not only does it serves chicken, it also has mussels and prawn-risottos in it. I like the chewy taste of the risottos - sweet and doesn't stick on teeth.
Mussels were freshly picked and the chicken is very tender! It might not seems to be filling for the stomach but mind you, I couldn't finish it. Anyway, I don't have huge appetite for dinner, so, whatever! Bleh!

Pork Cheeks Pasta - $28
Xinying shared a portion of pork cheek with me and I love it! At first, I thought it was mushroom but no. It was actually pork cheeks and it's frigging soft! It literally melts in your mouth! It's those like braised pork but this one is very tender! Pasta was paired with cream sauce and it doesn't taste gelat at the end. However, portion was huge for Xinying, so she couldn't finish it as well.

As the price of desserts is too shocking for both of us to handle, we decided to hop over some places to chillout. The total bill that came up is $83.60 - inclusive of gst & service charge. Too much for me to handle, but luckily I just got my pay for the month. Phew! At least, it's once in a blue moon kind of thing, so I'll just close one eye for it. :p

We walked around Bugis Junction and looked for bags at Charles & Keith. Some caught my eyes, but it's not necessary for me to buy now, so we moved on to having our desserts instead. Xinying mentioned about chilling at Intercontinental's lobby area so we headed over there in no time. I didn't thought of chilling in the lobby area because we're not staying in the hotel so we might not be able to go in. To my surprise, it's actually open to all. The place was really grand and I love their big comfy couch alot!

I love the fact that there's pianist to set the mood for the night and the freedom to choose which comfy couch we want to sit in. You will feel like you're a VIP all of a sudden! :p

Hotel Intercontinental
80 Middle Road

There's about 3-4 waiters but we doesn't seem to grab any attention from them ever since we stepped into the lounge. Had to call them for a few times to ask for menu and taking down our orders. While waiting for our brewed tea, I did what I do best - CAMWHORE!

taken by Samsung S4 (lousy camera!)

Each of us chose a set of Tea that we prefer and we were excited how it will taste like!

This looks interesting and new to me when the waiter came with it.
A set that consist of Tea with shiny armour, lollipops sugar and MACAROONS! We were squealing with joy when we saw macaroons! That's our favourite please!!

 I was busy taking pictures for the set and Xinying was rushing me to quickly get over it because she can't wait to eat the macaroons.

This is my set of tea (less one macaroon, of course) - $13
 The raw sugar really is cuteness overload! I ordered Lavender Kiss Tea which is made up of white tea with Lavender flower bud blossomed in the teapot. It has that "siap siap" aftertaste, erm, kind of like strong tea aftertaste? You certainly have to stir the raw sugar in it to make it smoother.

We waited for quite some time before getting impatient and asked for our cake. We almost finishes our cuppa tea when our cake of the season arrive. Hello, this is the season of love and joy, please don't make us even more miserable already! :p

Raspberry Pistachio Cake - $6.80
Even though the wait is very long, but this cake is the bomb! Don't really know if there's any cheesecake filling , but it doesn't taste heavy at all! The light cream tasted like tofu, more of a sweeter kind, and the combination of pistachio and raspberry is unimaginable! Although this is a dessert dish, but it's sugary taste is like 50% of the normal raspberry cake you have outside. It's such a pity that this is not on the menu, well I guess, you have to be lucky (like me :p) to be able to have this dessert!

We couldn't bear to leave The Lounge because of its comfy couch and superb ambiance. The pianist made our departure worsen when he started to play another piece while we're walking out. :'( Boohoo! I'll definitely come back again to chill after a day's work.

And also, not forgetting my crazy Xinying, thank you for accompanying for the night. Who says we need to have a boyfriend to celebrate Valentine's Day when there's always a friend to count your blessings with. (: Love you crazy buddy and we have to meet up soon for another round of Teoheng session ah! <3

With love,

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